Akey – [2010] Feel

Most experimental albums fall into the trap of trying to be too innovative for their own good. Akey avoids this elegantly by using well established song structures. Instead, the experiments involve voicing, odd harmonies and occasional use of noise; all this is always in strict service of a clear emotion, or, feeling. My two picks are:

2. Akey – Hallelujya

Not subtle with its 1 chord per bar, but unrestingly unsettling with only 7 (not 8) bars per loop. It gives this otherwise unspectacular song an unnerving self-propelling momentum, forwards, always forwards. Slightly eerie, weird, but magnificent.

3. Akey – Fallenleaves

Like the backdrop for a high-concept fantasy adventure game, this song could play when just having left a dungeon, sun glimmering beneath the horizon.

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