Electric Mirrors – [2016] UFO Stories

If Depeche Mode and David Byrne did a collaboration (maybe they did? didn’t check), it might sound like Electric Mirrors.
Densely produced songs, with no second wasted on padding, are filled from start to finish with lyrical puns, glockenspiel interludes or gently sprinkled in ’90s pop music references.

3. Electric Mirrors – Ghost In Your Headlights

Slanted harmonies and dark vocals make for some intriguing listening.

4. Electric Mirrors – All The People You Know

The next track immediately takes on a Depeche Mode demeanour.

Release page (blocSonic)
Release mirror (archive.org)





2 responses to “Electric Mirrors – [2016] UFO Stories”

  1. how to download that podcast?

  2. Just follow one of the two Release links. I respect this netabel’s wish not to deep-link to a ZIP file directly. On the official page, the download link is e.g. labelled “192kbs MP3” at the top of the track listing.