Saito Koji – [2009] Time / Line

Take your time. Got it? Then take some more. This album is the slowest of slow music. Even among drone, which is the genre, it is one of the slower entries. Single, long-stretched notes fade in and out for literally minutes. In a sense, this soundscape realises what trance music promises. Low volume and background listening are crucial for enjoyment…

1. Saito Koji – Time

With over thirty minutes, this track is longer than most EPs that I review here. And yet, with the length of each note stretched out over aeons, it is a rather short musical idea. Think of music in suuuuuuper slow motion.

2. Saito Koji – Line

The second half of the album features sawtooth tones, yielding an edgier texture, sharper tones and dramatically faster note switches. (Still it’s ambient drone, so don’t expect anything resembling rhythm.)

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