Various Artists – [2019] Fusion Compilation 12

Versatile trip hop compilation. From ethnic ambient to catchy pop rock, all genres may apply.

Over 5 years after my review on Fusion Compilation 8, I return to this netlabel with their most recent instalment to the series. Comparing both compilations back to back highlights how professional the free music scene has become during the course of the decade: all ten tracks have major-label grade production, crisp recording and tight arrangements. Which tracks am I gonna highlight?

3. Markyno – Zen Habitat (Efimera)

This track highlights how good simple acoustic songs can be made to sound, given clean recording and a tiny bit of reverb.

10. Sisters on Wire – Parallel World

What does this prohibitively catchy, airy pop rock song in this trip hop compilation? I don’t care, but I’ll keep it! 🙂

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  1. Hello, thanks for your review here, glad you like it compilation and other stuff from Fusion too! 😉 Have a nice day

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