Various Artists – [2007] Share It Spread It Love It

At the time, trying to publish music outside the traditional channels (music labels) was still quite out of the ordinary. No Bandcamp, no Jamendo, no Free Music Archive. All those only came to life during the last 10 years. If you this release’s style, have a listen to the curators other compilations, mixes and podcasts, all neatly stored for our future pleasure. But now, lend my two picks an ear (or two):

5. Musetta – Orphelia’s Song

Jazzy vocal pop with cool chord progressions and brushed up percussions. Excellent stuff!

21. Millhaven – Clean Roo

With just over 15 minutes, this ambient shoegaze instrumental post rock extravaganza is like what you get if you tell a rock band to compose a melancholic symphony. After a super-long, cinematic intro, the walls of guitars come and go like furious ocean waves, until the grande finale dissolves all the built up tension in the end. Bring headphones. Bring a blanket. Not suited for “quick preview”, (not) sorry 🙂

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