Professor Kliq – [2011] Athene’s Theory of Everything OST

While I cannot recommend you to watch the movie this album is the original score to, I very much endorse its soundtrack. To paraphrase, the “documentary” is either a very crude joke or a blunt hoax by an internet celebrity. But under the ludicrous voice track, there is an ambient electronic masterpiece by Professor Kliq.

2. Professor Kliq – Satellite Two

This track for me is the main theme of the whole score. A simple melody, stretched out over a dozen seconds, then repeated over and over like Pachelbel’s Canon by different instruments. I adore the depth of the soundscape, created by airy piano over dark synth and distant echo-y drum hits.

7. Professor Kliq – Satellite

Same motive, but completely different mood. I like the subtle rhythm shift, and how the piano (after 1:00) floats brightly above the dark pulsating bass. And then, distortion. Lots of it.

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