2Invention – [2007] In Aeternum

This one is from the good old days of Jamendo attracting thousands of aspiring artists and thus churning out albums in popular genres left and right.

Before, the free music scene (at least in my impression back then) had been mostly dominated by experimental artists. With discovering Jamendo, that impression changed dramatically.

In short, expect very conventional trance music, straight from the rulebook.

11. 2Invention – Loneliness (Original Mix)

Trance’y, one-note bassline for over a minute, fast synth ostinatos and beats you have all heard before. In other words: great dance music!

06. 2Invention – We Can’t be Free (Original Mix)

Slightly more symphonic, but the same (well-working) formula: 4 minutes of dance music, presto.

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