SEA OF ÅLAND – [2017] Extended Play One

If you have occasions where “proper music” would be too distracting, but “proper silence” to silent or boring, really ambient music, based mainly on long, drawn out ambient sounds, also called drones, fill a very handy niche. This representative of that genre adds a little rhythm to spice things up, and the end result sounds like you could read The Call of Cthulhu to it.

The Strange Colour Of Her Tears has a 6 minute intro, until the drones evolve into an ambient piece with beats. You miss all the fun though, if you just skip through most of the 16 minutes 😉

Forgetmenot is half an hour long, starts dark, and then stays dark. Again, ambient drums give the drones some structure and rhythm. But don’t expect anything too musical to happen.

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