Wings Of An Angel – [2016] Vain Crescent

There are times you need punchy beets, strong rhythm, catchy tunes and a sing-along chorus. This album has none of these. Instead, it features lack of beats, only subtle rhythm, uncatchy, drawn-out tunes and no chorus. In short, this music is not intended to be listened to as a primary activity. Rather, it is perfect to accompany situations in which most other music would be distracting: concentrated reading, meditation, or — now that I think of it — writing blog posts… Read on for almost two hours of such music

Momentous Tremble is the 38 minutes (!) long first track (!!), giving you one bathtub session worth full of acoustic lush foam.

Desperately Necro experimental guitar sounds, with an air of Blizzard’s Diablo soundtrack. Fascinating.

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