Mikael Fyrek – [2011] I Step Into the Advent

Calm and clean, cinematic IDM. What would relaxing lounge music sound in the Tron universe? Pretty much like this. All-electronica sounds, straight from digital synthesizers, soothe your ears. Four tracks in total span about 30 minutes. Two picked tracks and the download link follow below.

Now silenced, how would I comment? would suit a trailer to a landscape-heavy, Tron-style neo-retro-esque movie. (Yes, I’m making these words up as I type. I just cannot help it. *sigh*) The only thing that’s missing is the explosive finale for the final fast-paced cut shot sequence.

At rest at last my dice lay cast has a more subdued, “walking” pace to it. The chord sequence is pretty catchy, though. In minute 4, there is even noticeable percussion! You have been warned. 😉

Release page (archive.org mirror)