WSHtpc04 Version 0.3 – new HTPC fullscreen panel released

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4 responses to “WSHtpc04 Version 0.3 – new HTPC fullscreen panel released”

  1. musiklover

    Very nice update! It would be really cool if this displayed the album cover when tags are displayed regardless of the glob setting, and rotated between noncover artist pics when glob is set and tags are not displayed. Thanks for a series of great layouts!

  2. fb2kuser

    Great script. But the timer function you use is obsolete as of WSH Panel Mod 1.5.0, so this throws errors in the console. I tried to update the timer myself, but can’t get it to work. It would be great if you could update the timer calls and paramterize the update period (current script hardcoded to timer interval of 25 milliseconds, which is CPU intensive for my little HTPC). Thanks very much!

  3. fb2kuser

    oops – I meant the current timer interval of 40 milliseconds (updates 25 times per second) are loading my CPU more than I like. sorry for the confusion.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up. I released a quick bugfix update. For the moment, you can only use numbers that divide 1000 for the redraw interval, otherwise there is a strong performance penalty (read: redrawing every tick).