Red fossil tree

Desktop Wallpapers III

This time the footage for these wallpapers in Full HD resolution origins from the Museum of Man and Nature in Munich. It is located in the Northern part of Nymphenburg palace. The museum became widely known for its exhibition of the brown bear JJ1, called Bruno in the German press.

Apart from some stuffed animals in impressive sceneries the museum deals with the origin of the universe, the solar system and earth. Additionally it houses a fantastic interactive exhibition on both local and exotic animals and plants—not only—for children.

Third and finally it houses a fantastic collection of crystals and fossil stones, which I photographed, cropped and uploaded here. I hope you like them and leave a comment if they land on your desktop.






6 responses to “Desktop Wallpapers III”

  1. Magdalena

    Really nice wallpapers! Thank you!

  2. Hello Jo,
    Do you really allow us to use them as wall-paper? Could we download the pictures as its highest resolution?

    Thanks a lot in advance,
    Anne C.

  3. Just right-click on the thumbnail an select “save target as”. The image resolution is 1920×1080 (“Full HD”). And as everything that I write on this blog you are free to use them how you want. You can even re-upload them elsewhere as long as you credit me as the author (cf. the license at the bottom of the page).

  4. Hello!!! How do I credit you when using your picture?

  5. Hi, thanks for your question! Depending on the medium, some appropriate combination of naming the author (“ojdo”), source location (“” in print or hypertext link to the individual post URL) and the license under which the content may be reused (Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0, compare footer of each page) is the gold standard.

    Practically, I am happy with any reasonable visible attribution that allows interested parties to find the source with reasonable effort.