WordPress Twenty Twentythree: dark theme input fields

While the recent WordPress themes support dark modes quite well through their colour schemes, one still has to fiddle a little bit with manual CSS adjustments for the input fields. I use those adjustments to make the search input and comment fields match the rest of the page. Read on for a (written mostly for future me) step by step guide where to put what.

Both which statements to use and where to place them have changed in recent versions, so I archive here my currently working setup, which should be quite portable, as it does not hardcode anything, but uses the theme-included color variables. After a little bit of trial and error, I am quite happy with the following snippet, which re-colors all the text inputs fields

.comment-form textarea, 
.comment-form input {
    background-color: var(--wp--preset--color--base); 
    color: var(--wp--preset--color--contrast); 

Refer to the screenshots on where to input this snippet:

  1. From the Admin dashboard, launch the Site editor (menu “Appearance” > “Editor”
  2. Click anywhere on the preview page to activate the sidebar menu on the right (it does not matter which template or block you select, just that you select one).
  3. Once the sidebar menu is visible, ignore it, but instead click on the black-white circle icon labelled “Styles” in the top-right corner.
  4. In the sidebar “Styles”, click on the three-dot-menu and select the option “Additional CSS”.
  5. Finally, in the new sidebar panel, copy & paste the CSS snippet.

Simple, right?







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