Ezhak – [2016] Cold Sky

I am internally divided about what to make of the genre vaporwave. On the one hand, it is the clear over-exaggeration of the 80’s revival trend that has drowned the independent music scene in endless covers of the good old synth sound of better times. On the other hand, I find some mellow comfort in those strange yet familiar tunes that fake old, low-fidelity production techniques, drowning in tape artefacts and surreal depictions of consumer culture totems of the 90’s in a visual style that borders on graphic design necrophilia. But back to the music. I chose this release to introduce the genre to this blog because it avoids most clichés, while staying true to the core formula of vaporwave: slow-paced production, heavy sampling, simple synth song structures. And then Ezhak adds plenty of groove on top, making the result unusually enjoyable; not bad for a style that otherwise can only be enjoyed satirically or at least ironically.

1. Ezhak – Destiny

Punchy, slow-paced beats pave the way for the 80’s vibe vocals: a winning combo.

5. Ezhak – Keep Love

Sped-down love pop song, stuck endlessly in its opening bars. Wonderful! Halfway through, finally the first vocals start.

Release page (Bandcamp)
Release mirror (archive.org)