Various Artists – [2008] Breathe 02

Breathe Compilations is a (former?) Mexican netlabel that – surprise – specialises in releasing compilations, active between 2008 and 2018 (as of 2020). Although the label’s back catalogue (92 releases) has not seen an addition for almost 2 years, its Soundcloud profile buzzes with activity. So I don’t fully call off any hope for a comeback. But in the meantime, I could as well review one of its earliest releases:

8. The Ssss – Nimbo

Spiritual neighbours of Zero 7 or Blue State, these downtempo experts could also take the moniker The Zzzz, and I mean that fully as a compliment. The strict repetition of the same 8 chords are sufficiently varied to warrant a close listen. But they work similarly well as acoustic backdrop.

2. Audiodump – Light Flakes

Similar, this track repeats one loop from start to finish, and only changes accompaniment and percussion in each iteration. The effect is hypnotic.

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