As Above So Below – [2016] Ritos I

What I like about post rock as a genre is how consistent it is. Once you have heard 3-4 albums, you immediately can recognise it and start concentrating on subtle differences, or bath your ears in the never-ending chord progressions above percussive loops that slowly build up to a loud, but modestly self-restrained instrumental finale. And that’s what awaits you here, as well…

1. As Above So Below – Elements of Creation

The opening track is this EP’s main course. After one minute of silent intro, the obligatory walls of guitars welcome you among their midst, covering your ears in pleasantly textured chord carpets.

3. As Above So Below – Hope’s Gone

With only 3 and a half minutes, this is quite a short track, at least for post rock standards. In that, it does not lose time to introduce its terrific main guitar riff, and then immediately building up to the end. A hit single, if you will.

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