Fla Vector – [2013] RED

Except for The Prodigy, it took me some tracks to recall the other association my memory was hesitant to draw, but then it clicked: the first instalments of the Command & Conquer realtime strategy games back in the 90’s had a similar, uncompromising metallic sound. Thoroughly danceable and yet highly cinematic, this would make for great party backdrop on a thematic dance night.

2. Fla Vector – Zdravstvyi, Rodina!

My favorite track uses distorted voice samples to create a faux-historical soviet-like sound collage. I don’t understand a word, but it works. Oh, and then there’s this giant bass drop in minute 2. Commencing dubstep!

12. Flac Vector – RED

The album’s title track does not waste time with slow build ups or harmonic progression. A single bass note, a single rhythm carries us through all 5 minutes, stomping its way forward one bar at a time. In one word: cool!

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