Acrilic Colors – [2007] Thing From Another World

Kahvi is one of the most reliable labels, both in terms of style and quality. IDM and cold electronica is their theme. This release is no exception: with only 5 tracks, this EP still clocks in at over half an hour of music.
If you like the two rather ambient sample tracks, also try track 2. Groove o’clock for a more dynamic impression.

3. Acrilic Colors – Maestitia Passing By

Steps. A record player crackles. Moonlight sonata starts and fades, to give space to a field recording of urban ambient noise. After one minute, the track proper starts. What an intro! A loose variation on the sonata’s theme starts, but played by a synthetic, damped vibraphone sample.

5. Acrilic Colors – ununquadiuM rarefaction

Dark ambient crackling noises, fading drones, occasional sparks of mild intensity. Great stuff for late night listening. And after only four minutes of slow intro, a beat. Standard IDM easy listening experience begins, but with high production standards. Only the softest of synths are allowed in this garden.

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