Various Artists – [2010] Intelligent Toys: We Make Music

This compilation series by netlabel Sutemos is a little bit like vegetables: they are good for you, but they might not taste good at first. This release contains many different flavours, musical vitamins, experiments in sound design, genre-branching dubstep, IDM, cerebral techno, and lots of electro goodness in general. But, the sound is often outside the realm of “standard” harmony, often even completely devoid of it. Like these sentences, it takes some time to wrap one’s head around. So, if you are looking for easy listening while coding, please move on. If you want to enrich a late night party with an eccentric musical backdrop, give it a spin…

Ssyeru by Esem has clicks and breaks at just the right moments to create a cold, atmospheric electronica track. A violin sample, used pizzicato-style as an accent, gives the piece a sometimes orchestral quality. An orchestra of breaks, so to speak.

Put on a Magical Hood (Passage Version) by Feldmaus is a brainy, minimal ambient dance track. In other words: there is a beat, there is subtle rhythm, there is trance-like head nodding, but no bass drop. Sorry 😉

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