Various Artists – [2016] Enough Records Mixtape for CC Europe Meeting

This item takes some time to digest. It contains so many different genres, tracks, artists, backstories. It is hard to hear back to back, but rather eaten in chunks. For this review, I therefore provide you with possibly interesting entry points. I hope there is something for everyone:

Part 1 (73 minutes) only contains tracks from Enough Records’ 2016 output. It starts with excellent instrumental progressive rock, then quickly shifts gears to electronica, dark wave, and many more genres, all through 16 tracks. Notable moments for me include:

  • 30’00: brass and hammond organ over modern funk rock. Jon Lord definitely would approve of such a brave genre mix
  • 50’04: electronic spy faux western soundtrack vibe served on pointy mono-note bass. Scores high on my high noon (read: awesomness) detector
  • 55’30: because dance music. Classy dance music! We need more of that

Part 2 (105 minutes!) then is a 23 track long compilation of other netlabels, mainly MiMi and Monster Jinx. Starting with a straightforward dark house track, it also gets quite fancy. Notable points to look/hear for:

  • 0’00: yes, the opening track is that good. Also, I could not find it anywhere else (at least under a CC license). Otherwise, I would have queued the release for future review.
  • 9’41: this track I had first heard on the excellent White Market Podcast, which has the same intent as this blog, yet in another format and much higher production value.
  • 14’00: impressive acoustic guitar and brass music. Straight to the goosebumps.
  • 21’30: musical field recording from Nepal. Uncannily authentic.

Release page ( mirror)
For part 1, there is an alternative version with single tracks on FMA.