Various Artists – [2012] mix-toor presents: This is material music

Most of the tracks are not exactly pop music chart worthy, but then… the music that achieves this feat tends to be of varied quality at best. While I cannot wholeheartedly endorse front to back listening, except you are adventurous, there are many gems tugged tightly between more experimental pieces. I therefore divert from my usual self-limitation of only presenting two tracks, and instead link you to several reasons for recommending this oeuvre:

The first track Material Music by mixt-toor uses sampled material to draw you into the theme of this compilation.

Depth has surprising amounts of it, and a saxophone.

Futility would not stick out in any soundtrack to a Steven Soderbergh movie (think: Ocean’s Eleven)

Obligate Community would be the hit single, if there was such a thing in a compilation.

Visions mixes in some oriental and Asian influences. My favourite track w.r.t. atmosphere.

I hope you got the gist: not every track sounds the same. If this appetiser made you want more (and you are not shy of skipping a track that does not work for you), try going the full length :

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