Various Artists – [2004] Swingin’ Singles

Various Artists – [2004] Swingin’ Singles

The Comfort Stand netlabel is one of the strangest out there. It doesn’t focus on experimental sound in the sense of noise, bleep and clicking sounds, but in terms of a colourful mixture of artists, genres and styles. One song is a typical pop song, the next one would fit a ghost ride or seems to be written by someone on drugs. This release is a double album presenting the whole range of strangeness you can find in other releases by this label.

Polivox Box + Garage has the distinct Comfort Stand Records sound = 60’s influenced, disco and absolutely strange. The song would fit a film with both Adams family and Scooby Doo, facing each other in a discotheque led by Austin Powers.

Hotcakes and sausage is finally a hilarious fun song which could be sung be the cookie monster from Sesame Street. Listen and laugh! 🙂

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