General Fuzz – [2008] Red Balloon

General Fuzz - Red Balloon

Much of the free electronic music available these days is quite minimalistic, experimental or both. This album is – surprise – different. Although being produced entirely electronic, it is enjoyable also by the non-hardcore electronic listener. It features groovy rhythms, catchy melodies and harmonic, erm… harmonies.

Technically spoken this release is a best-of compilation because General Fuzz has already released several albums for free on his homepage. I will probably once come back to him when have listened through his creations.

Flow Tater: Simply wow. This song was the first I noticed when I casually listened to the album. The aggressive percussion with matched bass gives pace, contrasted by calm flute tones floating above. Marvelous. Perfect.

Smiling Perspective: Drippling percussion interacts with the overlaying synthesizer harmonics. Sketches of melodies form, stay and vanish. This song is a meditation on rhythm. Nice.

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