Coax – [2008] The Ice Garden


I will start my (hopefully long and prospering) series of music reviews with a very unusual piece of music, considering that it is released at Kahvi, a Netlabel for electronic music.

It is unusual because this album consists purely of orchestral and piano music. Both technical and musical quality are astonishing. In total, it sounds like the O.S.T. to a film playing in Siberia. Don’t evaluate this album based on the performance on laptop-speakers. This music needs headphones or real speakers to not get destroyed by distortions. On my laptop it sounds awful…

Red Winter Rhapsody 1 is a great appetizer which introduces all of the instrumentation besides the piano. In the beginning, strings are accompanied by brass to build up the “opening scene”. After a calm down, the main theme is introduced.

Endguitar is the album’s highlight: a melodic guitar riff evolves slowly over time. Just before it gets boring, other instruments set in to give the harmonies more punch. Bad: with only three minutes, this track is too short.

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  1. Magdalena

    Good review, I’m going to listen to this album.