Leslie Hunt – [2009] Your Hair is on Fire

Pop rock with intense female vocals. Upbeat songs, piano ballads. Rock band and orchestral background fillings. All that and great lyrics. Simply wow. Thank you, Leslis Hunt. If you like this album that she released on Jamendo in 2009, you can buy her latest release directly on her homepage (or in iTunes). Continue reading “Leslie Hunt – [2009] Your Hair is on Fire”

MoOt (Matthew Moore) – [2010] Life Is Talkin’ Misery

It’s review Wednesday again? This week’s release made me hum several times on my way back home. Catchy radio pop rock songs, thirteen of them, Matthew Moore has created for this delighting snack of an album. From beginning to end no track disappoints. Nevertheless, I only present my two favourite ones before giving you the download link… Continue reading “MoOt (Matthew Moore) – [2010] Life Is Talkin’ Misery”

Arcade Island – [2012] Spring EP

Arcade Island is an electronic alternative rock artist. This release reminds me a bit of pandoras.box (review of their album Barriers).

Floating guitar chords, soft radio pop beats, sometimes harder, great vocals all make this album a breeze to listen to. It is brought to us by the well-known Clinical Archives. Read on for a selection of my favourite two tracks and the download link. Continue reading “Arcade Island – [2012] Spring EP”

Various Artists – [2010] The Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010

Huge multi-genre compilation. Electro, dance, acoustic vocal pop, all represented in exquisite detail. A good year to choose from.

A Best Of album representing all free music released last year… that sounds ambitious. Phlow magazine tried it anyway. While I am hesitant that this monster of a compilation really includes all great tracks from last year, there are many tracks I would have missed otherwise. So as usual I selected some tracks which I think you should have heared. The complete release contains over 100 songs, so this selection by far cannot cover all genres. Continue reading “Various Artists – [2010] The Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010”

The Kyoto Connection – [2010] No Headphones Required

I found this synth-pop album through the Free Music Charts, a monthly show presenting great free music, mainly from Jamendo.

The Kyoto Connection reminds me of La Roux due to the lead singer’s voice and the yummy electronic pop harmonies. This album consists of 11 varied songs, all well mixed and produced. Continue reading “The Kyoto Connection – [2010] No Headphones Required”

Various Artists – [2008] So Much Achieved. So Much Left To Do.

Various Artists - [2008] So Much Achieved. So Much Left To Do.

This album is the 50th release of the netlabel 12rec. from Germany. It covers the range of the label which mainly publishes experimental guitar music with a touch of folk. 17 different tracks wait to be discovered. I present my three favourites in the following. Continue reading “Various Artists – [2008] So Much Achieved. So Much Left To Do.”