Alex Tiuniaev – [2012] Rachel EP


Webbed Hand Records specialise on ambient electronic music. This short two track EP from Russian musician Alex Tiuniaev sounds like a relaxed science fiction nostalgia movie soundtrack. Both tracks are good for a short break from anything. Read on for a short description of both tracks and the download link. Continue reading “Alex Tiuniaev – [2012] Rachel EP”

Tearsfallen – [2012] A Deeper Sense of Nothingness

Not conventional music for not conventional people is the tagline of Hunter Netlabel, specialising in electronic ambient music. This week’s release is from artist Tearsfallen: atmospheric, space movie soundtrack. It also reminds me a bit of the soundtrack of the Portal video game series. Cold and technique ambient sounds-capes, well stirred by urging drum patterns. Cinematic in structure, this release is great for nightly commutes. Continue reading “Tearsfallen – [2012] A Deeper Sense of Nothingness”

Various Artists – [2004] Intelligent Toys 2

This is my fourth review about a release from the netlabel Sutemos (these were the previous reviews). Intelligent Toys is a series of compilations with cutting-edge to avant-garde electronic music. Back in 2005 when I first downloaded them, I found them too experimental. But this time, they make a furious comeback into my music collection. Find out why…but be warned: don’t expect pop or dance music. This music needs attention to work. Continue reading “Various Artists – [2004] Intelligent Toys 2”

Workbench – [2006] Zoo

This ambient release from Kahvi contains over 80 minutes of relaxing background music. No spiritual, new age enlightenment tunes with water effects. But only clear and calm electronic music. I like this kind of music for programming, reading or just relaxing. Like usual, I present two tracks to pull you in, too! Continue reading “Workbench – [2006] Zoo”

Various Artists – [2005] Red, Green, Blue & Other Summer Feelings

The netlabel Sutemos releases excellent electronic music since 2004. This sampler is the first I stumbled into first. It took me some time to discover the beauty of most songs; it is well hidden from the casual listener by slow and silent composition. It is best heard late in the evening in a thoughtful mood. My favourite songs come from stockfinster, whose contribution I already reviewed in his release All becomes music. So I selected two other tracks for the preview below. Continue reading “Various Artists – [2005] Red, Green, Blue & Other Summer Feelings”

Iambic² – [2007] Under These Stars, We’ll Sleep Again

Electronic piano ambient. A smash-hit, considering that it is a forerunner for a niche genre with a niche publishing model in 2007.

Laridae is a netlabel mainly focused on Ambient music. Iambic has released two beautifully quiet albums there so far. If you need punchy drums, please don’t go further. Everyone else, find some decent relaxing music. The album is best served in one course, but like usual I highlight my two favourite tracks before handing you over the download link. Continue reading “Iambic² – [2007] Under These Stars, We’ll Sleep Again”

stockfinster – [2005] All becomes music

Great ambient shoegaze Electropop like AIR. Hm… that’s stockfinster in a nutshell. What else to write? Of course they don’t sound exactly like them, they seem to have taken up influences by Zero 7, too. They are more difficult to classify as purely easy-listening, a little bit of Trip Hop is in the mix. 10 tracks or 1 hour of great music. This is one of the rare releases in which I usually don’t have to press Next once. Like usual, read on for a preview of my favourite tracks and the download link. Continue reading “stockfinster – [2005] All becomes music”

EugeneKha – [2010] River Songs

This week’s review is about a great piece of Ambient “World” music released at the magnificent Clinical Archives netlabel, a steady source of “eclectic and illogical music”. Its self-proclaimed aim is to broaden the definition of music.

EugeneKha’s River Songs are not attempt in this direction, but they are a dozen well-crafted ambient songs with a distinct sound with various ethnic and cultural influences. In the following are 3 previews of my favourite songs as well as the obligatory download link. Continue reading “EugeneKha – [2010] River Songs”