Peter Van Riet – [2008] Not even the beginning of the end EP

Peter van Riet is an incredibly talented musician from Belgium. Fortunately, he built on that talent and studied Classical piano, followed by supplement courses in harmonics and composition. The results of this effort are partially for download on his homepage. He first names Craig Armstrong in his list of artists that influenced him. And that is hearable in his only major release I found so far. It is a piano-dominated masterpiece between cinematic soundtrack and “modern classical” compositions. It is difficult to select only three tracks in the following as a listening example, because the whole album is too good to be free. But don’t believe me unheard! Get dazzled! Continue reading “Peter Van Riet – [2008] Not even the beginning of the end EP”

Alpha Point – [2010] High Like The Angels CDM

Alpha point is a music project originating from a Russian electro band. Their style has influences of Depeche Mode, combined with dance floor compatible beats and straight industrial guitar riffs. The result is not a complex composition, but honest, enjoyable techno songs. They have have released several singles and albums on the internet archive. Here, I review their latest single release High Like The Angels which features four different versions of this songs plus the bonus single God’s Anger. Listen to my favourite picks and download the album, if you like it. Continue reading “Alpha Point – [2010] High Like The Angels CDM”

Deadspin – [2006] Deadspin EP

Free online music is still often linked to eclectic, weird and experimental music. This rock album from 2006, recorded by the band Deadspin is a good counter-example of artists who offer their first release for free. In September 2009, their second album Little Birds Are Like Bullets was published at Split Infinity. In between, several live acts were added to the Internet Archive. As I only review free music here, I stick to Deadspin EP. But have a listen to their new album on the band’s homepage,too! I would compare their sound to a mixture of Coldplay and Sting, but only to give you a rough estimate on how they sound without hearing them, what you can do in the following: Continue reading “Deadspin – [2006] Deadspin EP”

Old Bear – [2010] If you can find me

Head of a grizzly bear, viewn in profile above black background. Bold white font in the bottom right corner states artist (OLD BEAR) and album (IF YOU CAN FIND ME) title.

It’s time for some dry, abstract IDM music. This album by the artist Old Bear reminds me of the style of Pluxus whose song Transient you might know already from a Ford TV commercial. The Cologne based netlabel rec72 serves a delicious meal of self-entitled Abstract Hip Hop. Have a quick listen to my favourite tracks and find out if it is your taste, too. Continue reading “Old Bear – [2010] If you can find me”

White desktop wallpapers

After the colourful wallpapers the last time I wanted to make something more monochromatic. At the moment I am using a dark—not to say black—visual theme (Black XP), so I went for white wallpapers. Here they are in Full HD resolution 1920×1080:

Update (2011-05-11): 5 new pictures in More white desktop wallpapers.

Update (2012-09-29): 5 more pictures, in tablet-compatible 2048×2048 resolution in New white desktop wallpapers.

EugeneKha – [2010] River Songs

This week’s review is about a great piece of Ambient “World” music released at the magnificent Clinical Archives netlabel, a steady source of “eclectic and illogical music”. Its self-proclaimed aim is to broaden the definition of music.

EugeneKha’s River Songs are not attempt in this direction, but they are a dozen well-crafted ambient songs with a distinct sound with various ethnic and cultural influences. In the following are 3 previews of my favourite songs as well as the obligatory download link. Continue reading “EugeneKha – [2010] River Songs”


In a previous post I wrote about MED-CSP, a study being part of the DESERTEC project which outlines a scenario for generating huge amounts of electricity by means of Concentrating Solar Power applied in the Mediterranean region. CSP stands for solar thermal power plants which do not operate with the photovoltaic effect used in solar cells, but for using the solar radiation to directly heat a medium—typically a fluid—which then is used to propel an ordinary steam turbine like used in fossil fuel or nuclear power plants.

While the last post focused on the MED-CSP study which explores the technical potential for generating electricity, this article deals with the transmission of a part of this energy to Middle and Northern Europe where it can substitute fossil fuels. Continue reading “DESERTEC studies: TRANS-CSP”

Aleksi Virta – [2004] ..Meets Torsti At The Space Lounge

Relaxed vibe entering your ears! This ultra-cool release at Monotonik — which sadly is on hiatus at the moment — is really great background music with attitude. It features funky beats and chords, sometimes accompanied by fitting recordings of miscellaneous voices. As usual, I present 3 of my favourite tracks which are described in detail while you can listen to them. Continue reading “Aleksi Virta – [2004] ..Meets Torsti At The Space Lounge”