Category: Wallpaper

  • Sunset wallpapers

    Time for some new wallpapers. This time sunset is the topic, while none of the photos shows the sun itself. Even the latest picture, taken on Munich’s “Stachus”, only has an artificial sun plus lense reflections. The silhouettes were captured on the hill in Olympiapark. Many people were there to watch the fading light from […]

  • Wooden wallpapers

    Some new high-definition wallpapers. Subject this time is wood. The first three wallpapers are more texture-like, while the last two show also objects: a conifere and a green bottle. All images are photos taken myself, cropped and a little edited with the free image editing software Paint.NET. (I pretty much like the photo filters…)

  • Grey desktop wallpapers

    More colourless desktop wallpapers: this time in all glorious grey tones. As usual they all have full high-definition resolution. The first picture (im)perfect day is a reprise of one of my favourite pictures called perfect day I already released some time ago.

  • White desktop wallpapers

    White desktop wallpapers

    After the colourful wallpapers the last time I wanted to make something more monochromatic. At the moment I am using a dark—not to say black—visual theme (Black XP), so I went for white wallpapers. Here they are in Full HD resolution 1920×1080: Update (2011-05-11): 5 new pictures in More white desktop wallpapers. Update (2012-09-29): 5 […]

  • Desktop Wallpapers III

    This time the footage for these wallpapers in Full HD resolution origins from the Museum of Man and Nature in Munich. It is located in the Northern part of Nymphenburg palace. The museum became widely known for its exhibition of the brown bear JJ1, called Bruno in the German press. Apart from some stuffed animals […]

  • Desktop Wallpapers II

    Time for a new batch of desktop wallpapers. This time I have switched the resolution to 1920×1080. The “texture” series are slightly to strongly edited photos from single-coloured objects. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Desktop Wallpapers I

    Over the years I have created several wallpapers for personal use. Here I share a selection of the images that I consider to be succeeded. They all are in WXGA resolution (1280×800 Pixel).