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Background images for your desktop, mainly sourced from (un)edited photos. The resolution for all wallpapers is Full HD (1920×1080 pixel). To download them, a) just right-click on a thumbnail and select “save target as…” or b) right-click on a big image in gallery view and select “save image as…”.

  • Olympiapark by night wallpapers

    Olympiapark by night wallpapers

  • Japan Wallpapers

    Japan Wallpapers

    Some impressions from Japan. I finally needed some fresh wallpapers.

  • Minimal white desktop wallpapers

    Minimal white desktop wallpapers

    These photos were recorded in University Town, a new campus of NUS. Its architecture is quite impressive, yet not intimidating. These pictures show some details in the new sports building that was opened last month.

  • Marina Bay Sands desktop wallpaper

    Marina Bay Sands desktop wallpaper

    A (lunar) new year has just begun, so it is time for new wallpapers as well. The landmark hotel Marina Bay Sands is the theme this time, featuring five motives from around and inside the hotel by day and night time. Both bright and dark images, all in full HD (1080p) are the result.

  • New black desktop wallpapers

    New black desktop wallpapers

    For the darker season some darker desktop wallpapers, again in tablet-friendly 2048×2048 resolution. The photos were taken mainly in Singapore and show a party crowd under a sphere-shaped light, a man reading under the floodlight of the sport stadium nearby and defocused street lights, reflected on water. The street picture shows the bridges over Marina…

  • New white desktop wallpapers

    New white desktop wallpapers

    This new batch contains five desktop wallpapers in 2048×2048 resolution. This way, it can be used cropped or scaled for any lower resolution display, but also for the newest generation of tablet displays.

  • Blue sky desktop wallpapers

    Blue sky desktop wallpapers

    After black and white, blue is currently my favourite colour for desktop wallpapers. So here are my latest creations:

  • Blue desktop wallpapers

    Blue desktop wallpapers

    A new series of wallpapers has arrived. Blue is the colour this time! So it is no surprise that all images show the sky – at least as a reflection. All images are resized to 1080p resolution.

  • Green desktop wallpapers

    Green desktop wallpapers

    A new batch of five desktop wallpapers has arrived: green is the colour this time! Green ceiling is taken in Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, from a room that is illuminated by hundreds of green fluorescent lights. Green slime is seawater, mixed with algae and sunlight reflections.

  • Lamp desktop wallpapers

    Lamp desktop wallpapers

    Lamps made from plastic waste by the Magpie Art Collective. PET bottles and canisters are cut by hand and reassembled to designer objects.

  • Black desktop wallpapers

    Black desktop wallpapers

    A new batch of five black 1080p high definition wallpapers, all made from photos recorded in or around Munich. The first image shows the entrance of the university sports facilities in the Olympic park. The lamp can be found in the ethnological museum and the last picture is recorded in the Pinakothek der Moderne.

  • Dark desktop wallpapers

    Dark desktop wallpapers

    So far, I mainly posted shiny and bright wallpapers. Time for something darker. Enjoy!

  • Berlin wallpapers

    Berlin wallpapers

  • Coloured desktop wallpapers

    Coloured desktop wallpapers

    Just a new batch of colourful desktop wallpapers in the usual (1920×1080 pixels) resolution. The blue waves were photographed in a shop window in Prinzregentenstraße, Munich. The green leaves are from Frankfurt, behind the Museum für Angewandte Kunst. The yellow lamp is the decoration in a small restaurant in Barcelona. The red picture is a…

  • More white desktop wallpapers

    More white desktop wallpapers

    You would not guess which search terms bring most visitors to my page: all combinations of the word white and wallpaper. Unsurprisngly, my post on white desktop wallpapers is the most visited page of my blog. So I thought I better publish more pictures like that… The first two images are from Munich (Allianz Arena,…