Lunatic Scale – [2011] VII

The Clinical Archives is one of the major netlabels out there. While most of their releases are too experimental for my taste, over 400 releases allowed me nevertheless to find some good ones. VII by Lunatic Scale is fresh, melodic alternative (or mainstream) Rock from Russia. Three sweet tracks, short and good. Continue reading “Lunatic Scale – [2011] VII”

Various Artists – [2008] The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

The netlabel Lost Children specialises in Progressive Rock and related music genres. They offer a magnificent collection of free music compilations called The Silent Ballet. Here I present my favourite release of this series, being on the quiet and ambient side of the musical spectrum it offers. Volumes 1, 5 and 6 are my next recommendations, all with more vivid music. Like usually, you can find descriptions of my favourite songs below. Remarkable about this album is its polished production quality. Continue reading “Various Artists – [2008] The Silent Ballet: Volume 9”

Colida – [2006] Eyes Shut and Ears Wide Open

Colida is a hard alternative rock band. And pretty good at it. This release at the German netlabel analog und ehrlich was recorded in 2005 in Oldenburg and is Colida’s third album. It only has four tracks, but those are worth the download. Fast, driving riffs, dry drums and a great voice — what else can one want? Read on for the download link and a preview of my two favourite tracks. Continue reading “Colida – [2006] Eyes Shut and Ears Wide Open”

Derek Clegg – [2011] Beautiful World

This album is so conventional that it’s almost boring. It has the default Pop-Rock instrumentation, that familiar singer-songwriter sound and unsurprising song structures. But hey, that does not have to be bad. Especially when it sounds as good as on this release by DIY Musicians.

Like always, two commented preview tracks await you below, together with a download link awaiting your click. Continue reading “Derek Clegg – [2011] Beautiful World”

Carlo Serafini – [2011] Gammatar

Why always stick to the boring, twelve-halftones-per-octave, well-tempered diatonic scale? That’s what Wendy Carlos (creator of the soundtrack for Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece Clockwork Orange) might have thought when inventing his muscic scales Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.

Carlo Serafini took the Gamma scale, tune his guitar and recorded nine songs with this tuning. The sound is strangely familiar, yet uncommon and irritating. Better listen and find out yourself… Continue reading “Carlo Serafini – [2011] Gammatar”

Pretty Lights

Usually I only write reviews of music that is hosted on the Internet Archive, from time to time I have to make an exception to this self-imposed rule. Remix artist Pretty Lights from Colarado, USA, has distilled a glitchy style of sampled instrumental hip hop with disco attitude. Fortunately, I found two of his tracks available for direct streaming, so read on and decide yourself if you want to add this artist to your collection… Continue reading “Pretty Lights”

IlKobra – [2010] Cogito Ergo Beat

This week’s release is unusually hard electronic music by released last year at the Sostanze netlabel. It features monotonic, stomping, pure Breakbeats or Drum & Bass — I’m not so sure about the exact classification. Six tracks with well chosen names like Preludio or Santo Hertz await to thrill your nerves and your neighbours if you are blessed with decently sized speakers. Continue reading “IlKobra – [2010] Cogito Ergo Beat”

Various Artists – [2010] The Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010

Huge multi-genre compilation. Electro, dance, acoustic vocal pop, all represented in exquisite detail. A good year to choose from.

A Best Of album representing all free music released last year… that sounds ambitious. Phlow magazine tried it anyway. While I am hesitant that this monster of a compilation really includes all great tracks from last year, there are many tracks I would have missed otherwise. So as usual I selected some tracks which I think you should have heared. The complete release contains over 100 songs, so this selection by far cannot cover all genres. Continue reading “Various Artists – [2010] The Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010”

Paper Plane Pilot – [2009] This Place

Cute. Pop. Music. That’s this EP in a nutshell. Sweet like early child memories, with a faint glimpse of melancholy. The netlabel Corporate Identity serves this yummy musical candy. What a pity that it only has two tracks. Like usually, I strongly suggest to listen to the samples below and to download the release.

This release is itself a teaser for the full length album First Flight which they offer for free (ok, your email address) in 128 kbps MP3 — incredible. So better get the full album instead of bothering with this small bit. Continue reading “Paper Plane Pilot – [2009] This Place”

stockfinster – [2005] All becomes music

Great ambient shoegaze Electropop like AIR. Hm… that’s stockfinster in a nutshell. What else to write? Of course they don’t sound exactly like them, they seem to have taken up influences by Zero 7, too. They are more difficult to classify as purely easy-listening, a little bit of Trip Hop is in the mix. 10 tracks or 1 hour of great music. This is one of the rare releases in which I usually don’t have to press Next once. Like usual, read on for a preview of my favourite tracks and the download link. Continue reading “stockfinster – [2005] All becomes music”