Arcade Island – [2012] Spring EP

Arcade Island is an electronic alternative rock artist. This release reminds me a bit of (review of their album Barriers).

Floating guitar chords, soft radio pop beats, sometimes harder, great vocals all make this album a breeze to listen to. It is brought to us by the well-known Clinical Archives. Read on for a selection of my favourite two tracks and the download link. Continue reading “Arcade Island – [2012] Spring EP”

TenPenny Joke – [2009] Ambush On All Sides

TenPenny Joke is/was a rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Ambush On All Sides is their first and so far last album. If features melodic and powerful rock music. Songwriting, vocals, all top-notch. Luckily, they have released their album on Jamendo for us all to find. Listen to my two favourite tracks and then download it yourself! Continue reading “TenPenny Joke – [2009] Ambush On All Sides”

Workbench – [2006] Zoo

This ambient release from Kahvi contains over 80 minutes of relaxing background music. No spiritual, new age enlightenment tunes with water effects. But only clear and calm electronic music. I like this kind of music for programming, reading or just relaxing. Like usual, I present two tracks to pull you in, too! Continue reading “Workbench – [2006] Zoo”

Roger Subirana Mata – [2008] Point of no return

Modern classical orchestra music. With electronic effects and beats. Furious rhythmic songs. Calm ballads with vocals. Cannot write. Whole sentences. Sorry.

Honestly, composer Roger Subirana has done a great job here. As another reviewer put it: “A Jamendo must-have!” Continue reading “Roger Subirana Mata – [2008] Point of no return”

Stay Ali – [2008] If Only Leiner Came Back

Stay Ali are among of my favourite electronic music artists. They virtuously mix dance music with vintage game console sound (chiptunes). I already wrote a review of Vati Vati EP some years ago, which I prefer as my favourite EP.

This release is published at Superbutton, a netlabel that specialisesd in chiptunes and closely related styles. Continue reading “Stay Ali – [2008] If Only Leiner Came Back”

Various Artists – [2005] Red, Green, Blue & Other Summer Feelings

The netlabel Sutemos releases excellent electronic music since 2004. This sampler is the first I stumbled into first. It took me some time to discover the beauty of most songs; it is well hidden from the casual listener by slow and silent composition. It is best heard late in the evening in a thoughtful mood. My favourite songs come from stockfinster, whose contribution I already reviewed in his release All becomes music. So I selected two other tracks for the preview below. Continue reading “Various Artists – [2005] Red, Green, Blue & Other Summer Feelings”

William Wilson – [2011] Summer Holidays and Folk Routine EP

William Wilson that is easy to listen to, but hard to describe. Take some soft alternative Rock, add small drops of Electro, Jazz, Classic at selected spots.

It is released at Lophophora Williams, a young netlabel with five releases since 2010. If you like what you hear here, look into their catalogue! Continue reading “William Wilson – [2011] Summer Holidays and Folk Routine EP”

The Easton Ellises – [2011] EP One

Take 80’s Pop, add New Wave à la Poni Hoax, stir and serve on a dimly lit dance floor. That’s a rough verbal description of the début release of The Easton Ellises at Enough Records.

Five distinct songs with catchy riffs and great production are packed into this twenty minute long EP. Read on for a preview of two tracks to get you started. Continue reading “The Easton Ellises – [2011] EP One”

Chamberlain – [2010] Moon In June / Superstition

Chamberlain is alternative rock from Italy with a psychedelic or progressive influence. Guitar soli included. They do good old craft, no heavy effects in post-production.

The EP was released Lophora Williams that has published five releases so far, mainly alternative rock. There are reviews in my pipeline for this netlabel. But for now, listen to my two selections from this three track EP at hand. Continue reading “Chamberlain – [2010] Moon In June / Superstition”