Everlasting Dream – [2011] Echoes From the Future

Movie soundtracks fall into a nice niche between classical and ambient music. This album adds a bit of electronic finesse to this formula. If you want to add a bit of cinematic splash to your musical diet, give this album a try. Emotional string sections meet orchestral and electronic beets. The occasional clicky-bleep sounds add to a slightly futuristic vibe.

2. Everlasting Dream – From an Abyssal Past

Slightly dream pop in this one. Bordering downtempo to easy listening terrain. Would feel right at home at SomaFM’s Beat Blender radio station.

6. Everlasting Dream – Determination

Wow, what a build-up! Nice electronica-only , finishing it off with electric guitars.

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2 responses to “Everlasting Dream – [2011] Echoes From the Future”

  1. i like sci-fi soumdtrck. what name of the movie?

  2. There is no movie; it is a music album in the style of a movie soundtrack. Or, thanks to YouTube, there might be a short film made by someone who decided to use the music for its soundtrack. But the album was composed independently of any film.