9 thoughts on “WSHtpc04 – new HTPC fullscreen panel for foobar2000 released”

  1. Yours scripts are fantastic! It would be great if you could also add a transparent lyrics view option in your WSHtpc02 and WSHtpc01 scripts in the upper right of a display! Thanks again for your efforts!

  2. foobarlover: thanks that you like my configs. But sorry: I don’t collect lyrics, so I won’t add such a display any time soon.

  3. Hi Ojdo, your screen looks nice, however while applying it, it crashes. In console I get following log:

    WSH Panel Mod ({F79174D1-F528-45FA-928A-9DE1C66E720F}): initialized in 1 ms
    Error: WSH Panel Mod ({F79174D1-F528-45FA-928A-9DE1C66E720F}): Microsoft JScript – runtime error:
    Object required
    Ln: 418, Col: 5

    Any idea why is that? Thanks!

  4. I get the same error, using version 0.4.1 with panel mod version 1.5.6 and Foobar2000 v1.2.9 😉

    Hopefully you can find out what is wrong 😉

  5. FWIW, the most likely cause of the crashes on line 418 is that you didn’t place the background images in the locations as needed by the script per script lines 107 and 145.

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