Macro photography

As my compact digital camera (a Fujifilm Finepix F100fd) lacks a big zoom lens I have to exploit its strengths: a wide angle lens. It plays out its advantage on group photos in small closed rooms and in macro photography. Suitable victims to train how to take macro photos are flowers: Pretty, colourful and — especially — static. It took me some time with my first camera to properly use the focus and know the limits (minimum distance) of the camera. An “AF!” warning is a good sign to not take the picture but reset the focus on another point of the object.

Architectural details (like a statue in the Zwinger in Dresden) or interesting objects (a beamer lens, a blue-glowing artwork on Tollwood, sunglasses) are other motives worth being captured. Insects usually are too fast, but when you are lucky you can find an unlucky exemplar (like the sitting bee)…

5 thoughts on “Macro photography”

  1. Coole neue Photos,
    kann das sein das die Biene ne Wespe is?^^ Bin mir auch nich sicher aber kommt mir so vor

    und das Sonnenbrillenbild macht sich bestimmt gut als studiVZ avatar^^

    Gruß, Phil

  2. Are they reworked with photo shop?

    Not at all. Aside from the bee (or wasp) where I played around with the saturation in PS, the other pictures only were cropped and more or less adjusted in hue and contrast.

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