Marco Mestichella – [2015] Fragments Of Light

Echoes of pop grandeur. 80’s synth-pop sends best wishes to a fresh take in the new millenium.

This is a two-track single release on notorious (as in: good) netlabel blocSonic. In the description to the artist’s previous release, they described their music as “a blend of trip-hop, soft-rock, retro-pop and cinematic soundtracks”. I tend to agree. Read on for a full description of all (as in: two) tracks. Continue reading “Marco Mestichella – [2015] Fragments Of Light”

Steven Dunston – [2003] To Get Home Before Night Comes


Fully radio compatible pop music is not easy to find in free music sources. So I am very happy to have found this little gem on Jamendo. The album features relaxed Pop music with emphasis on piano and melancholic vocals. Continue reading “Steven Dunston – [2003] To Get Home Before Night Comes”