Kimiko Ishizaka – [2012] The Open Goldberg Variations


Kickstarter-enabled public domain score and recording of a real classic. By raising over $23,000, she was able to have the original notes transcribed to a modern 58-pages score and, based on that, produce a high-quality recording of her interpreting the whole work on a not too shabby instrument in a not too shabby studio. All in all, the result is well worth the effort! Continue reading “Kimiko Ishizaka – [2012] The Open Goldberg Variations”

Th.e n.d – [2009] Schizophrenic Birth


Minimal downtempo goodness. Berlin artist Th.e n.d. seems to prefer quality over quantity. This EP, released 2009 at the Acustronica netlabel, only contains 3 tracks. Yet every track is distinct in style and remarkably well produced. Unconventional sound combinations and laidback tunes are the common theme. Continue reading “Th.e n.d – [2009] Schizophrenic Birth”

Galdson – [2006] Roots


Galdson is a Spanish pianist I found on Jamendo. Usually, I find piano solo quite boring to listen to casually. However, some of his songs managed to attract me enough to keep this album. And I was rewarded: through repeated listening I found two songs which I would not like to miss in my collection any more.

And of course: technique, composition, recording and production are all en par with commercial releases. What less could we expect for free? Continue reading “Galdson – [2006] Roots”