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Review blogs

This page contains links to resources I use to satisfy my craving for new music.

  • @diffuser is a French free music blog, recently specialising on Bandcamp releases. Once in a while, he produces a podcast of his previously reviewed music, which I enjoy listening to very much.
  • Acts of Silence focuses on experimental electronic music. Read on here if you want to expand your definition of music. He also maintains the biggest list of netlabels that I am aware of.
  • CerebralRift is a lot like my blog, just with white background and more frequent reviews.

Major netlabels

Most of these netlabels have proven to publish quality music for extended periods of time. The others happen to offer music I like very much. I won’t tell you which ones are which… 🙂

  • blocSonic is a very professionally lead netlabel and creator of the netBloc compilation series, which I consider to be the best made compilation series of free music ever.
  • Clinical Archives with its over 500 (sic!) releases, is around since 2006 and never failing to surprise you with experimental, pop, rock, jazz, ambient or classical music.
  • diym netlabel (do it yourself musicians) thrills me because of the consistently high quality of their releases. They focus on acoustic, folky pop and soft rock and thus are an exception to the majority of electronic music netlabels.
  • Kahvi Collective has been publishing since the year 2000 and now over 300 releases of mainly electronic music.
  • Phonocake publishes electronic music, mainly IDM and melodic variations thereof.

Other lists

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